How do I navigate my course?

The Learning Path is designed to guide you through the Courseware over the course of your semester.  Under the Learning Path bar in the center of your screen, you will find all the modules (chapters) that have been assigned to you by your instructor.  (See your instructor's syllabus for dates and assignments).

Each module is created with a number of learning objects:

  • Introduction to the Module
  • Sections (between 3-6) that cover key learning objective
  • Each section may contain:
    • Reading - which correspond to the printed companion text you received with this class
    • Videos - explaining key topics
    • Self Checks - practice questions and feedback designed to help identify your strengths and weaknesses for each learning objective (section)
    • Activities, Discussion Questions, and End of Chapter  Quizzes may also accompany the module.

NOTE: Your instructor will have customized your course.  Some of the components may have been omitted, others may have been added.  When in doubt, follow the Learning Path and/or reach out to your instructor.

The Progress Tracker serves as a guide to the topics you have successfully completed.  See example below:


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