Grading Discussion Questions

To grade discussions, go to Progress from your Navigation menu.  Once there, you can either click the grade next to the student you want to grade or click on ‘Grade All,’ which will allow you to grade everyone who has posted within that discussion.

Here we will find:

  1. The name of the discussion you are grading. You can use the arrow to go to other assessments that need grading for this student.
  2. If you need to remember what you expected from the discussion, you can click on ‘Show Assessment Details.’
  3. These arrows will take you to the next assessment in the gradebook for this student even if it needs grading or not. You can also close this window here when you have completed your grading.
  4. Lists the student’s name. You can use the arrow to go to another student or see who still needs grading.
  5. This tells you how many need grading and takes you directly to those students.
  6. You can sort by date either ascending or descending while you grade.
  7. As you read the posts you will see what is an original post 
  8. or what is a reply post . This will help you determine what the student has contributed to the discussion.
  9. You will see how many likes  a post received from students in the course and if you tagged a post as a substantive post .
  10. You will include a score for the discussion.
  11. You can add overall comments to the discussion.
  12. Make sure you ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Publish’ to move to the next student or close the window. If you just save, make sure you publish within the Progress area for students to see their grade.

You can also grade the discussions from the Path, but you will only be able to grade one student at a time. 

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