Grading Quizzes

Pre-built Self-Check and Module Quizzes consist of auto-gradable questions, which do not need to be graded by an instructor. There is only one type of question that MUST be manually graded – the short answer. Within Progress, you will see if someone has attempted a quiz, and if there is a question that needs to be graded, you can find it by looking for the ‘Ungraded’ marker.

Click on the grade or ‘Grade All’ from the columns drop-down menu and it will take you directly to the question that needs to be graded. If there are more than one ungraded question, then you will be able to grade them all before saving.

Here we will find:

  1. The name of the quiz you are grading. You can use the arrow to go to other assessments that need grading for this student.
  2. If you need to remember what you expected from the quiz, you can click on ‘Show Assessment Details.’
  3. These arrows will take you to the next assessment in the grade book for this student even if it needs grading or not. You can also close this window here when you have completed your grading.
  4. Lists the student’s name. You can use the arrow to go to another student or see who still needs grading.
  5. This tells you how many need grading and takes me directly to those people.
  6. You can see what attempt this is and when it was submitted.
  7. This will show how many questions within this quiz need to be graded manually and you are able access the questions through the arrows.
  8. You will see the question, how the student answered it. You will also see a model answer if you included that while you were creating the question.
  9. You will include a score and any feedback to the student.
  10. Make sure you save that answer before saving the quiz or moving to the next question.
  11. The scores will tally as you grade and save each question. If there were already scores from other questions, you will see the total here.
  12. You can add overall comments to the quiz.
  13. Make sure you ‘Save and Publish’ to move to the next student or close the window.

 This can also be graded from the Path, but you will only be able to grade one student at a time there.

If you want to look over student answers to see if you want to provide them with partial credit, you will need to do this one at a time, by clicking on the student's grade.


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