Setting Up a Final Grade in the Gradebook

The final grade column allows you to calculate and show the final grade for each student as a running total.  This way, you will be able to see how the student is doing throughout the semester.

To get started, you need to click on Progress within your path drop-down menu.

There are four things you can do within this column.  You can edit, show to students, publish all, or move the column to the end. For the last three options, it is a toggle between being on or off.  You don’t need to worry about showing to students, since the students don’t see the Progress area.  Publish All allows students to see their grade if you are not doing a running total, but as stated earlier you, don’t need to worry about that within Courseware. If you want to move this column to the end of the grade book instead of the beginning, click ‘Show as Last Column’ option.  The rest of the configuration for this column is completed under ‘Edit’ option.  Let’s take a look.

When you click on edit, you will be directed to the configuration mode for this column.  There are three steps to configure the final grade column.


Details is the name and description of the column.


Display Options allows you to set how and what you are viewing in the column.

  • You can make the display name of the column different than the actual name. This is what you will see as the column header within the grade book. 
  • Here is where you hide or show the column to students. By deselecting it here, the students will be able to see the column.  Until the grade book is built out for students, you can ignore this.
  • You can determine if students see the running total. As stated above, you can ignore this setting.
  • You can also decide if you want them to see the numeric grade, letter grade or both. If you choose numeric, you need to determine if you want it to be the absolute value or the percentage of the total score.  If you choose letter grade, then you will need to set the letter grade scheme, so the system knows what letter grade to display.



Once you determine the display options, then you need to set your calculation, so the system knows what it needs to calculate. 

Option 1

You first need to determine if the calculation is going to be a sum, average or weighted total.

Option 2

The next choose is to determine if you want to exclude the highest score, lowest score or none.  This is good for a calculated column for something like quiz average.

Option 3

Now you determine your calculation.  You will see all the categories and columns you have in your grade book listed. To use a category, you will need to have put the assessments into a category as you were creating them.  You can go back and edit the assessments if you want them as part of a category. If you are using categories, you will also need to set the calculation for that category under progress settings. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose a category all individual items in that category will not be available to move over.  If you move over an individual item, the category it belongs to will not be available to use.

Once you have the calculation done, click on ‘Save.’





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