Managing My Roster

Within Courseware, you are not able to manually add students.  Students will be added to your Courseware roster when they click on the link within your Campus LMS.  This will automatically enroll them into Courseware.

If a student drops your course, they are not automatically removed from Courseware, but you are able to deactivate them from your roster.  To do this, log into your course and click on the Learning Path in your navigation menu on the left.  You will then click on Connect and then Roster.

Once you are in the roster, you will see a list of all your students who have been enrolled into your course.  To limit their access to the course and to remove them from your grade book, click on ‘Deactive’ next to their name.

Make sure you click ‘Save’ when you are done deactivating all the students who have dropped your course.  

You can come back here at any time and reactivate their access.  Since they are not removed from the course, all their submissions and activity within the course will be reinstated.



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