Integrating with Blackboard

I. Overview

Courseware is designed to easily integrate with Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard using a “Web Link” from within an existing Blackboard section. Using this approach allows for easy navigation through Blackboard and Courseware resources without the need for additional logins, as well as automatic registration of new users. This reference guide explains these features and how instructors can setup a “Web Link” in their section.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on eliminates the need for multiple logins when Courseware is launched from a Blackboard section. Once a student or instructor logs into Blackboard and selects the Courseware link within their respective section, Courseware is automatically launched and the student or instructor is automatically logged in.


Auto-enrollment eliminates the need to manually create accounts and enrollments in Courseware. When a student or instructor launches Courseware for the first time, their account is automatically created and they are automatically enrolled.

II. Requirements / Before You Begin

Before setting up a Web Link, you must have the following:

Active Blackboard Section

You must have an active Blackboard account with instructor-level privileges and an active section.

Courseware Link

You must have a link to your Courseware section. This will likely have bene provided to you by your Courseware onboarding team.

LTI Connector

Blackboard must be enabled for Courseware using a “LTI connector”. In most cases, this has already been setup by your Blackboard administrator.

III. Setup a Web Link

Step 1: Enter the “Blackboard” course section

Blackboard - Course Listing Page

Step 2: Add a Web Link

Use the Build Content Menu to add a web link anywhere within your course

Navigate to the Build Content Menu (Edit Mode)

Step 3: Enter Web Link details

  • Name: Enter a unique name of your application (like “Courseware”)
  • URL: Enter your Courseware Link (this link should have been provided to you by your Courseware onboarding team)
    • Select the check box "This Link is to a Tool Provider."

Enter Web Link details

Under other details, enter the following:

  • Web Link Options: Open in New Window ; Radio Button <Yes > <No> (Always select Yes)
  • Once you provide all the information on the web link page, click on the “Submit” button.

Provide other details

IV. Test Your Web Link

Step 1: Enter the Blackboard section.

Step 2: Navigate to the content module and click on the web link

Navigate to the blackboard course content screen (Preview Mode)

Step 3: You will be launched into Courseware

On clicking the web link, you will be taken to the learning path of the courseware class.

Access the Learning Path


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